Recognition 4U

Recognition 4U

In order to give you an idea of ??what the recognition for an apprenticeship of a job or education looks like and how long it takes, we have created the entire process in the form of a timeline to give you a better idea:

The recognition process does not start until you have contractually agreed with our 'MP4U' company and takes about 12 months to successfully arrive in Germany.


The process looks like this:

You attend our German language course and complete the A1 exam (duration 2 months)

You attend and pass the following German A2 course (duration 2 months)

You attend and pass the following German B1 course (duration 2 months)

You start now the most important language course, the German B2 course (duration 3 months). At the same time, we get in touch with our clinics or academies (depending on whether you will work or get an education in the academy) in Germany and invite the appropriate decision makers to get to know you and to check your language skills and personal details. If you have convinced them, you will receive a written confirmation and the next steps will be initiated.

Shortly thereafter, you will receive the contract from your employer and we will immediately initiate the recognition procedure in Germany.

After successful B2 exam, we apply immediately for the visa.

After 2 months you will receive the D-Visa.

Now it's finally time for Germany.

Recognition 4U
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