Personnel 4U

Personnel 4U

MP4U knows all about the difficulties and needs of hospitals, nursing facilities and other medical facilites. At almost all facilities there is already a great shortage, which will become more severe in the future.

With a big effort we have assembled a team of experienced experts, who would like to put an end to this trend.

In the meanwhile we have created an infrastructure which makes it possible for us to realise all procedures even the ones at the authorities from one source. Consequently we can offer a high level of quality, which will in the future comply with the applicants and as well with the future employer and it should also reduce the big fluctuation of workforce.

Our services for you:

  • Careful selection of candidates for the recognition in Germany in accordance with your needs
  • Best possible training of our candidates in German by our own language school
  • TELC B2 German test at our own language school
  • For an impending education in a Nurse school / academy we guarantee a TELC B2 German test result of minimum 80 points
  • Translation and notary confirmation of all necessary documents for a successful recognition
  • Invitation to applicants' AC's in the home country of the candidate
  • On time provision of the visa
  • Support for the search of provision of the necessary lodging
  • Relocation as well as social and cultural integration during the probation time with the support of our supervision team on spot
  • On demand establishment of a work group in oder to improve your needs
  • You will incur no costs until successful mediation of the employee

Personnel 4U
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