Jobs 4U

Jobs 4U

If you have a bachelor's degree in nurse and health care in your home country and want to start a new life in Germany and get a job, we offer you as 'MP4U' the opportunity to live and work in Germany. 

Eligible professions:

  • General Nurse
  • General Pediatric Nurse
  • Intensive Care Nurse
  • Geriatric Nurse

Note: If you do not have a bachelor's degree, then we offer you through our other services which you can find on 'Education 4U' another interesting perspective in Germany.


Our mutual steps:

1. Information dialog with the applicant

1.1 Underlining the characteristics of German Hospitals and Retirement Homes

1.2 Integration and work in Germany

1.3 Job consultation and inspection of all documents

2. Strategic planning and implementation of all necessary steps

2.1 Translation of all documents

2.2 Notary confirmations

2.3 German language lessons free of charge

2.4 TELC B2 German Certificate

3. Application Interview on spot Personnell Administration

4. Recognition process by 'MP4U'

5. Preparation of the VISA

6. Journey to Germany

7. Relocation

7.1 Pick up from Airport

7.2 Lodging

7.3 Visiting authorities (residence registration, health insurance, bank account, tax number, etc.)

7.4 Introduction to the client / employer

7.5 City orientation tour, cultural knowledge, shopping etc. with our supervisor

8. 7/24 reachable by our personal advisors on spot

9. Personal support especially in the first 6 months from the start of the job and after that period reachability 

10. After about 21 months of uninterrupted employment, application for permanent work and residence permition


Up to the admission of the job in Germany you do not incur any costs, only with the successful start of the job we allow ourselves a fair expense allowance into account.


As you can see we take all necessary steps for a succesful start in Germany and support you.


If you would like to benefit from our services, please contact us and arrange a job interview. 

Jobs 4U
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