Company Policy

Surgery Booking Policy
1. The Surgery Date is secured for the Patient only after making the deposit payment.
2. The Patient has to pay the deposit latest on the day which is written on the Surgery Booking instruction.
3. The advance payment (deposit) is non-refundable.
4. The date of the Surgery can be postponed to a later date without explanation only once, if the Patient informs about the changes not later than 2 weeks before the Surgery date. The Surgery Date can be postponed by no more than 3 months.
5. The Surgery Date can be postponed for health reasons* only if the Patient submits official medical documents confirming contraindications to the Surgery. The deadline for submission of documents is 3 days before the date of the Surgery.
*In this case, we are referring to unexpected contraindications that do not depend on the Patient. Pregnancy of the Patient does not apply to these conditions.
Payment policy
1. Full payment for the Surgery must be made not later than 1 day before the date of the Surgery.
2. Only CASH payments are accepted for payment.
3. Credit and debit cards are NOT accepted.
1. In the event of an OBJECTIVE unsatisfactory result, the Patient has the right to correct the result free of charge, provided that the Patient complies with all the items in the list of "Patient's Duties". In this case, the Patient has to pay only for the costs of anesthesia, surgery room and hospital stay.
2. In case of necessary correction, accommodation, three meals a day and postoperative care are provided to the Patient at the expenses of the Company.
3. The flight is not covered by the Guarantee.
Patient's duties
1. The patient must strictly follow the medical postoperative instructions received from the Company.
2. The patient must not leave Istanbul before the recommended date.
3. The patient is obliged to send health reports like photos and video reports to our assistants within 1 year after the Surgery according to the following schedule:
- In the 1st month after the operation every week.
- In the 2nd month after the operation every 2 weeks.
- In 3-12 months after the operation once a month.
The Company reserves the right to cancel the Surgery reservation unilaterally without the possibility of further postponing in the following cases:
1. If the Patient has not provided the Flight details 72 hours prior to the Surgery Date.
2. If the Patient is not available for communication with us 72 hours before the Surgery Date.
3. If the Patient has not arrived for the Surgery and has not notified us in advance.
The fact that the Patient has made a deposit payment for a Surgery means that the Patient automatically agrees to the Company's Policy.