Education 4U

Education 4U

You don't have a completed job education and would like to work in Germany in the medical field, then we offer you an interesting opportunity:

You have either a high school degree or a completed two-year university degree, then you have the opportunity to begin your job education with salary through 'MP4U' in the following fields in Germany.

Job education (3 years):

  • General Nurse
  • Surgical Technician
  • Anesthetic Technician
  • Examinated Geriatric Nurse
  • Midwife

In Germany, signing up for a job education is always financed by the state. Example: As a general nurse you earn in the first year of your job education about 950 Euro net per month, this financial support from the state increases year after year. After completing your job education, you were financially supported by the state with around 40.000 Euro.

Note: If you already have a completed job education or a completed Bachelor's degree, then we offer you through our other services which you can find on 'Jobs 4U' another interesting perspective in Germany.


Our mutual steps:

1. Information dialog with the applicant

1.1 Underlining the characteristics of German Hospitals and Retirement Homes

1.2 Integration and work in Germany

1.3 Information regarding the education in German Nurse Schools and Academies

1.4 Handling Procedures

2. Leading to the successfull passing of the necassary TELC B2 test in German in our own language school

3. Assessment Centre / Application interview on spot by the school administration of the interested Nurse School / Academy in Germany

3.1 Written commitment / Job education agreement

4. Recognition process by 'MP4U'

5. Preparation of the VISA

6. Journey to Germany 

7. Relocation 

7.1 Pick up from Airport

7.2 Lodging

7.3 Visiting authorities (residence registration, health insurance, bank account, tax number, etc.)

7.4 Introduction to the client / employer

7.5 City orientation tour, cultural knowledge, shopping etc. with our supervisor

8. 7/24 reachable by our personal advisors on spot


As you can see, we take all necessary steps for a successful start in Germany and support you.


If you would like to benefit from our services, please contact us and arrange a job interview.

Education 4U
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